What Sets Us Apart

As an organisation, we have created iconic tile designs over the last 12 years and defined marvels, with incredible attention to detail.

Blackberry Ceramics’ products under the CFL brand feature some of the most marvellous structures ever seen! Here is what defines us and makes us different from others.


Innovation forms the core of our manufacturing process of tile development, backed by the latest technologies at the manufacturing plants.


We offer a wide product range with
custom sizes for large-scale projects,
realizing multiple design ideas to life.


Our collective experience in tile design and manufacturing spans several decades, making us one huge family that knows the nitty-gritty of every process and procedure.

incredible pool of sensational tiles - Blackberry Tiles


Our Philosophy in Ensuring

Every element needs to fulfil its purpose. And with Blackberry tiles, the marriage of setting and sophistication is unmatched in more ways than one. The pioneers of Blackberry are highly attached to the brand, which revolves around designer tiles that highlight earthy environs and India's long-lost traditional culture. The tiles include ornamental motifs and unmatched natural aesthetics too.

Blackberry strives to design qualitative and impeccable ceramic surfaces, enriching them with metallic sheen, gloss and colours, with several sizes in wall tiles and paired flooring patterns.

1700+ Tiles Designs (SKUs)

About Company

Blackberry is one brand that symbolizes the evolution of porcelain and ceramic tiles, focusing on the luxury…


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With a slew of achievements including the inclusion…

Management Team

Since the founding fathers and the partners hail from diverse social and professional backgrounds…