Welcome to Blackberry !

Blackberry Evolution - The tiles that adorn your life!

Blackberry Evolution is a collection of tiles which symbolizes the evolution of pristine ceramic tiles, focusing on the luxury segment in their collections. We deliver niche services on diverse fronts including tile manufacturing, design and implementation. Since its inception in 2008, Blackberry has achieved resounding success in a short span of time by offering uniqueness in design and structure thus gaining widespread market acceptability. Blackberry has its tile smart display unit covering 15,000 sq.ft. area in Morbi. The office infrastructure is complemented by vast stretches of landscaped greens covering nearly 100,000 sq. ft.

The company has housed several key tile manufacturing elements including high capacity press, glazing machinery, digital printers and the like. Our products adhere to strict compliance measures and international standards. The Founding Fathers of Blackberry include a designer-par-excellence with decades of experience in the field and a technically proficient engineer with 20+ years of experience and a doctorate in the field of ceramic manufacturing. Our brilliant team of sales and marketing reflect and radiate our self-belief and talent, showcasing our efforts and efficiency to the rest of the world!


The pioneers of Blackberry are highly attached to the brand, which revolves around designer tiles, hand-crafted with precision. The brand highlights the earthy environs and India's long-lost traditional culture. The tiles include ornamental motifs and unmatched natural aesthetics too.

Blackberry strives to design qualitative and impeccable ceramic surfaces, enriching them with metallic sheen, gloss and colours, with a standard size of 300 x 600mm in wall tiles and paired flooring patterns. We are soon expanding our offerings to feature 600 x 600mm PGVT GVT tiles, 300 x 900mm, 150 x 600mm, 300 x 300mm tiles in the near future.